Posh Pusher Liam

$ 39.00

The Liam labor and delivery gown in pastel blue and white quatrefoil fabric with white satin ribbon tie  provides all the necessary features of a hospital gown for your big day!  From easy IV and Epidural access to the convenience of shoulder snaps for breastfeeding and skin to skin bonding.  Your posh pusher will be all you need for a super cute special delivery, whether you labor or deliver by c-section.
X-Small/Small: Bust- up to 43.5 inches
Bump- up to 46.5 inches
Length- 38 inches
Medium: Bust- 43.5- 47.5 inches
Bump- 46.5- 51 inches
Length- 40 inches
Large: Bust- 47.5 – 50 inches
Bump- 51- 56 inches
Length- 40 inches
*Posh Pushers run a little big, so if you are between sizes, make sure to bump up to ensure comfort

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