Creative Ways to Document Your Baby Bump June 24, 2015 00:00

One of the latest trends popping up on social media is all about that bump!  Expectant moms everywhere are finding unique and creative ways to chronicle their growing baby bump through pictures.  These are some of our favorite ideas!  If you're considering taking on this photo project yourself, these should help get your creative juices flowing!


Who doesn't love a chalkboard for all things DIY?  Pregnancy comes with all sorts of quirks and we love how she's using her bump pictures to capture her cravings!  Scrapbooking is definitely evolving!



This example incorporates print and graphic arts.  What a great idea to include pregnancy milestones like a gender reveal in your photos!



Some people are more visual.  We love the use of fruit to represent the size of your growing baby, especially when it matches the season!



This one is a bit more traditional and low maintenance.  You don't always want to spend time in hair and make up before taking your monthly bump picture and this way you don't have to!  Simple yet classy.



Why not try a different angle?  This is an awesome way to capture your growing bump AND that sweet baby's face!



And finally, expecting baby #2?  Let #1 help out!  This one is our favorite!  Such a great way to capture the growth of BOTH your little ones!



As you can see, there are lots of different ways to document your growing bump.  Every journey is unique, make sure your pictures reflect your personality and have fun with it!  All of these were found via Pinterest (the creator's hub!)  Happy creating!